Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scissor Sisters want you to get it for free - download 5 free tracks from the band

"Very talented people standing in a blue room"
Poor Scissor Sisters. 

Actually no, not poor Scissor Sisters.  Sure, their last album flopped in the UK and Europe, where the American band had found their only success, but now they're upping their game in their homeland with a supporting stint for LADY EFFING GAGA, and that kinda makes up for any amount of floppage no matter how horrifically their latest single crashed and burned (number 81, in case you were wondering).

To get all the Yanks - who have more or less ignored their existence altogether - prepared for their peculiarly awesome brand of funky pop, the group has decided to let everyone get a nice five-track sampler of their tunes for ABSOLUTELY FREE.  Included on it is the actually brilliant 'Invisible Light,' which is being tauted as the track that will turn things around for the band - and it very well might do it, too.  With a NSFW video (titties!) and a killer hook (sing along to titties!), it's certainly well on its way already.

They also did a "clean version" of the video too (no titties :( ), which is understandably far less fun, but we get that some of you out there "work" or whatever, so here it is, 100% boob-free:

And don't forget to download your free sampler HERE