Sunday, August 1, 2010

For Hurts, it is a 'Wonderful Life' - dance to the delightful Freemasons mix now!

Hurts are from Manchester.  But before you let that turn you off, they are also very stylish and make some excellent music.  There are two of them (thus, we imagine, the reason they are Hurts instead of just Hurt) and one of them is very attractive and one of them can sing very well. 

Up til now Hurts have been one of those bands that make all the critics vomit superlatives over themselves but don't really find any commercial success of note.  That might change, however, with this rather genius Freemasons mix of the group's new single 'Wonderful Life.'  It manages to be completely poppers-friendly while still being credible, and as EVERYONE knows that is a very hard line to toe. 

The video itself is a re-edit done by something called a 'Riley York' and we are pretty sure it has nothing to do with Hurts officially, but does manage to make the original video fit the feel of the mix a bit more. 

And yes.  We have a crush on the guy in the band that just stands there too.