Monday, April 18, 2011

George Michael recorded a song for Will and Kate's wedding so don't even TRY to have the best gift - listen now!

Marriage is DELICIOUS
Apparently there are a couple of people getting married soon or something since all we hear about is how rad it's going to be, which to be fair, it probably is, because it all sounds very lush and extravagant and apparently The Queen is going to be there.

Anyway, George Michael, blessed as he is with an UNENDING WELLSPRING OF GENEROSITY, has given the happy couple a gift for their wedding, in the form of a song which is for sale in a variety of digital formats.  With no self-serving hope that it will become the "official wedding anthem" and sell loads of copies.

None at all.

Sophie Ellis Bextor's new album is PRETTY DAMN GOOD - listen to the sampler now

After a long run of diminishing returns, many questioned whether Sophie Ellis Bextor would even put out another album.  Rumors abounded that her studio album 'Make A Scene' had been shelved indefinitely which roughly translates to "will never come out and your career is over so you should probably get a job at the WalMart or something" in music-industry-speak.

But lo, the pop gods have smiled upon Miss E-B, and Sophie's new record actually dropped today in Russia.  And the good news doesn't stop there, either - the record will come out June 6 in the UK, just in time to become the soundtrack to a few aging gays' summer. 

The strangest thing is that the album actually is pretty good.  Usually albums are canned because of one of two reasons:  a contract dispute, or the album is shit - so we could all be forgiven for thinking that the LP would turn out to be a giant stinking turd of a record.  BUT IT IS NOT, SCOPISUBJECTS.


Check out the album sampler:

Make A Scene (sampler) by RenzoMV