Sunday, February 7, 2010

The New Pixie Lott video is...interesting - watch now!

If this week's Ugly Betty taught us anything, it's that blogs are for ranting.  Because we live our lives by the Word Of Betty, we at ScopiSat have this to say:  Pixie Lott is a load of damp shit.  She started out her big-time career with 'Mama Do,' an Amy Winehouse wannabe, followed it up with some other forgettable song, and now is chucking out this masterpiece of mediocrity.  Yet somehow she is a HUGE STAR, selling bucketloads of albums and singles, and basically ruining any remaining faith we had in the record buying public.  We're not fans.  She's crap.  We're sure she's a lovely person but whoever her A&R person is should be dragged through the streets to Robbie Williams' house and then forced to watch him relive his drug addled X-Factor performance OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN until they expire from the ABSOLUTE CRINGEY-NESS of the whole thing and then have their body dragged through the streets AGAIN as an example of what happens to 'those kind of people.'  Anyhow, here's Pixie's new video.  Enjoy.