Thursday, January 6, 2011

Listen to (maybe) the brand new Britney now!!

Aw damn y'all, I leaked again?

So we all knew it'd happen - Brit's track has (maybe) leaked a few days ahead of its official radio date.  But as Britney herself knows all too well, loose lips sink ships and all that.

The track that leaked doesn't feature Britney's vocals but is likely a demo of the song, sung by a session singer that has a lot more vocal ability than B-Sizzle but isn't batshit insane and therefore can't sell her own records.  :(

As for the song, it's a kind of Ke$ha-but-less-disease-riddled dirty dance affair with a pretty catchy chorus.  Like it's totally a B+, but with a hot video or a date with Justin Beiber it could easily bump up to an A- by association.  It's all about the buzz these days anyway. 

Anyway, you all can hear it right now by heading over HERE to our Facebook page and liking us!