Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Robyn is actually old Robyn but is still VERY GOOD - watch 'Never Will Be Mine' now!

Konichiwa, bitches.

Robyn is amazing.  That Robyn is featured in a new video is also amazing.  That Robyn is featured in a new video that is a reworked version of her EPIC MASTERPIECE 'Be Mine' is even more amazing.  That the bulk of the song is made up of a thing called Rye Rye is....less amazing.  But still amazing.

'Be Mine' never did anything here in the States, though it was top 10 in Europe and the UK, but hopefully that can change with this new release.  The protege of up-and-comer-who-never-came rapper M.I.A., we're not 100% sold on Rye's output yet, but this is a giant leap in the right direction. 

The video was partly filmed at Robyn's recent Cherrytree Sessions live performance, and otherwise filmed on a street corner where Robyn and Rye Rye were hooking or something.  Anyway, it's good, and here it is: