Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mini Viva's new video 'I Wish' is one big American Apparel ad (full video for 'I Wish')

Here's the brand new video for Mini Viva's new single (and, if you listen to 'the blogs,' POP MASTERPIECE) 'I Wish.' It's pretty straightforward, with the girls being all cutesy walking around LA and touching things that miraculously turn to COLOR.

On further listen, it is clearly not as good as Girls Aloud's 'Call The Shots' so lets just put a stop to those rumblings. It's still pretty damn amazing, though, and will be all yours to buy November 30 on Polydor/Geffen.

Backstreet's back...and it's.....alright. Watch the new Backstreet Boys video now!

The Backstreet Boys are going all JLS and doing a video of them running around a city doing things. There is Brian singing in the street. There is Nick singing in the street. There is Brian and Nick singing in the street. And then there's some other stuff with other people.

'Bigger' is out now for download on JIVE