Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kylie Concert Countdown (video)

The Kylie Countdown is almost over.  In ONE DAY, Miss Minogue will take the stage for the very first time in the United States, quite appropriately in San Francisco.  Just to get everyone in more a frenzy, Kyles has put out this nice backstage video with all the behind-the-scenes goodness you'd expect from such a clip.  We'll be at (all) of Kylie's New York City shows, so we have to wait a little longer.  But believe us, guys....SO worth it.

Nerina Pallot is a Real Late Starter in new video

Puppets!  Synths!  Nerina!  Everything you could possibly want, all in a music video, by the lovely little Nerina Pallot. 

Out Oct 19

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia's 'Want' remix video

Natalie's BRILLIANT, Coldplay's Chris Martin-penned, comeback single 'Want' is out today in the UK, and to celebrate here is a brand new video for the Blunt Laser Remix.  It is amazing and we shall not entertain any notions that it is any less.  

Buy it now.  NOW.  UK residents can get it through the usual channels.  International buyers can go to to buy a copy. 

Britney turns '3' - listen now

The world waits.  A universe holds its breath.  And then the new Britney single debuted.  And it was ok.  It's a bit 'old Britney' but with all sorts of new production fun.  It has a nice low-key breakdown.  It will make some KILLER remixes.  It could be better, of course, but as long as she's not shaving her head it's fine with us. 

By the third listen it becomes pretty amazing.  Almost literally so. 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Boyz II Men are back - listen to the new track

Apparently all genuine creativity in this world is gone and so we are left to mine the 80's for power ballads.  While Mariah was busy screeching over a Foreigner tune, Boyz II Men were following Randy Jackson's production cues while jamming out to Journey's 'Open Arms.'  There's not a lot else to say about that...except that the whole track is available for preview over at Ryan Seacrest's website if you click here

They really are partying like it's 1999 on this baby...

Sound of Arrows' new video - remix o'clock!

A while ago we showed you Sound of Arrows' pop-tastic 'Into the Clouds' video.  It has its official UK release today,  and to celebrate here is the ALL NEW, ALL AMAZING video for the Fear of Tigers remix. 

The Sound of Arrows, "Into The Clouds" (Fear of Tigers Remix) from Neon Gold Records on Vimeo.

Yes.  Yes. 

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Madonna matches Elvis' record, behind only the Beatles

This week, Madonna's new greatest hits package bowed at Number 1 in the UK, giving her 11 chart-topping albums there. That ties the record Elvis set (rather, his estate set) in 2008 with 'The King.' That leaves her only behind the Beatles, whose 15 number 1 albums make them the most successful act in the history of the albums chart.
Mantis-arms has found much greater success across the pond than in her native country, as she only has 7 U.S. chart topping albums. That leaves her in a tie for 7th, with Led Zepplin and U2. That all may change this coming week when 'Celebration' gets released stateside, but considering the tepid response so far, fans shouldn't be too hopeful. No reason to pout, though. Sales should be strong through the holidays, and after only a week the package has already gone gold in England and platinum in Finland.

Chart Chat UK, September 27, 2009

The top two stays the same this week, as both Taio Cruz and David Guetta hold steady at 1 and 2 respectively. At 3, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys leap up 12 places with 'Empire State of Mind', and kick Madonna all the way down to 8 with her latest, 'Celebration.' Shakira edges up a spot with 'She Wolf,' flip-flopping with Jay-Z's last hit, 'Run This Town,' which hangs on at 5 and gives Mr. -Z his second top five hit this week. The Black Eyed Peas refuse to let go of their chart death-grip (which is thankfully less severe than in the U.S. where they have spent a full 6 months at the top with their last two tracks), and back up the chart to 6. Mini Viva hangs on to a top ten placing for one more week, as 'Left My Heart In Tokyo' slides to 10. I think everyone was a bit surprised at its success, and more so at its staying power. Our first new entry is at 11, as Dizzee Rascal continues his chart onslaught with 'Dirtee Cash.' The song isn't even an official single yet, but its impending release has set downloaders' hearts aflutter. My guess is this song's future is looking rather good. At 12 we find Temper Trap, with their lovely 'Sweet Disposition' pushing up another few places. The Australian band may just crack the top ten if this unconventional chart trajectory continues. Released all the back in 2008, 'Disposition' this week manages its highest chart placing yet. Not a lot else is going on, save for the number 35 entry for new Sugababes member Jade Ewen. With all the 'babes drama, this single was more or less dumped - its release more a contractual obligation than an effort to have a hit - so a top 40 placing isn't the end of the world. Jade just recorded vocals on the Sugababes next single, which in our opinion is one of their best yet, so Ms. Ewen has nothing to worry about.

The UK Top 10:

1 - Taio Cruz: Break Your Heart
2 - David Guetta ft Akon: Sexy Chick
3 - Jay-Z ft Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind
4 - Shakira: She Wolf
5 - Jay-Z ft Rihanna & Kanye West: Run This Town
6 - Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling
7 - Pixie Lott: Boys & Girls
8 - Madonna: Celebration
9 - Dizzee Rascal: Holiday
10-Mini Viva: Left My Heart in Tokyo

Check out the Saturdays new album! (video)

Yesterday we brought you a Mariah Carey album sampler, and today we bring you something that is actually exciting: The new Saturdays album. Well, a few tracks at least. The songs are pretty good, and there's something comforting about the way they scream 'WE ARE NOT GIRLS ALOUD.'

Very not bad, agreed?

Wordshaker is out Oct 12 on Polydor/Fascination

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Memoirs of Mediocrity: listen to Mariah's new album (video)

So after weeks and weeks of promo, tepid response, and bad Foreigner covers, we finally get a glimpse of the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. It is.....less than perfect. None of it is particularly bad, mind you, we just wish Mariah would push herself just a little bit. Just once. For us.

You can also listen to the album in its entirety ahead of its release over at Mimi's Myspace

It's Scopitone Saturday!!

And this week's entry is a doozy. It pretty much speaks for itself (The Greenwood County Singers are singers from Greenwood County, etc) so we'll just let you enjoy.

Friday, September 25, 2009

A-ha's new song is very very good

The second single from their new album 'Foot of the Mountain,' called 'Nothing is Keeping You Here' is out this week in the UK and everyone should buy it. It's a Keane-y ethereal pop/rock affair with synth stabs and smooth vocals and everything about it gets better with each listen.

*listens again*

Ke$ha's 'Tik Tok' video

So new pop 'sensation' has her first video out. Well, her first not counting a random appearance in Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl' clip for no reason. The song is still pretty good and any video in which the star walks around in one cowboy boot for a full 33 seconds is alright by us...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Miley Cyrus' 'Party In The USA' video premiere

So finally there is a real video for Miley's 'Party In The USA,' now that everyone stopped caring. We can't get the song out of our heads, but the video is pretty forgettable. Maybe she should have gotten some gays to do one for her out on Fire Island.....

It's not bad, really, and she looks absolutely great. Also we love the ending bit with the American Flag backdrop. And the middle part. And most of the video, really, but we just can't get past the fact that it's not "Party in the Fire Island Pines." :(

Alesha Dixon's new song is amazing and you must listen to it now

So it turns out Alesha might ACTUALLY be the British Beyonce, as Bruce Forsyth prophetically stated last year. ScopiSat always knew she was something special (hello, 'Knockdown?!'), and sure she had some killer singles (hi, 'The Boy Does Nothing' and 'Breathe Slow') but the album was a bit hit and miss. Well, having proven her chops with a couple bona fide chart smashes and some balls-out-phenomenal live performances, Alesha has moved up to superstar land. See exhibit A, Ms. Dixon's new single penned by none other than Gary Barlow. Not a bad get, eh? And as it turns out, the song isn't too shabby either. It is a perfect showcase for Alesha's voice and just the thing she needs to push her to the next level. With some A-list production and songwriting on her next album, get ready for the Alesha Show to go on a very, very long time.

Alesha will release 'To Love Again' on November 15, with her album repackage/rerelease The Alesha Show: The Encore to follow later that month. Buy both. She deserves it.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jesse McCartney has 'Body Language' in new video

That is all.

Update: never mind, it's quite good

Update 2: no we were right the first time

Update 3: We are listening to 'Leavin' right now. It is very good.

The Editors' new video runs wild

We chose that headline because there is a lot of 'running' in the video. In all honesty not a lot of thought went into it but we got a late start so don't judge. The song is pretty much a pop/electro masterpiece though, and definitely deserves a listen or three. Gone are the gloomy moody guitars, replaced now with synths and driving beats. It's sure to alienate some of their fan base, which is a shame because there are SO FEW moody guitar bands to choose from out there :(

No date for the single yet, but the album is out Oct 12

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The JLS video is all hot boys dancing to music

No complaints there then.

Shame about the song. And by 'shame' we mean it's actually a little brilliant but no one can EVER KNOW we think that.

Sliimy has a 'Wake Up' call in new video

While ScopiSat is loathe to promote anything touched or fondled by Perez Hilton, whoever he put in charge of his burgeoning record label is doing an alright job. For example, here's the debut American video by Sliimy, who was signed to Hilton's label not too long ago. It's quite fun don't you think? Fun because there are colors and shapes and a person who would be Mika if Mika were French, but also because because there is a nice tune playing while all that goes on.

Out now on Warner/Perezcious Records

Jade Ewen has a single out

In case you haven't heard, Jade Ewen has some things going on... among them is her new (and likely last...until she gets chucked out like all the other Sugababes) solo single. It's a kind of middling almost-Mariah-but-not-even-close-really affair and the video is all kinds of R&B/pop cliche. Hot guy? Check. Hot girl? Check. Stuffed cougar for no reason? Check.

Out today

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sugababes lineup changes but as long as About a Girl comes out we'll be fine

Really girls, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Now that Keisha's out (leaving Amelle, Heidi and new member Jade Ewen), there isn't a single original member left. We, for one, can't imagine not feeling cheated in the future by anything released by the 'Sugababes.' It's a bit like if Armani sold the brand name to Wal-Mart or Asda or something and expected us to think nothing really changed, when in reality the new clothes are all poly-blend and the sizes run very, very big.

Just put this out and be done with it.

Alexandra Burke's 'Bad Boys' video has dancing and cars and singing

...and it is very good. Who knew she could dance?

Out October 9th on Syco

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chart Chat UK: September 20, 2009

This week there's lots of action on the chart, as we have a new number 1, a missed opportunity, and an up-and-comer. First up is Taio Cruz with his new single 'Break Your Heart.' Taio is a busy man - he's reportedly working with Kylie and Leona and everyone else under the sun - but even with all that going on he has managed to bag his first chart topper. Not so lucky is our number 3 entry. Madonna's had a lot more luck over in the UK than she has in her home country, where she releases singles more as concert promotions rather than to become hits in their own right. In the UK, however, she has been enjoying some the biggest hits of her career. In the past eleven years every one of her album's lead singles have hit the top, save 'American Life' (which hit number 2 in 2003). All that means that 'Celebration' becomes her lowest-charting lead single since 'Evita's' 'You Must Love Me.' Number 3 is nothing to sniff at, especially for an artist that has been going at it for as long as she, but one can't help but feel this track just isn't resonating with listeners as well as hoped. Number 5 finds quite the opposite situation, as Shakira racks up her sixth top ten. Leaping twenty places this week, 'She Wolf' is a solid bet to become her second chart topper after its full physical release this coming week. Pixie Lott tumbles all the way down to 6 from 1, but she shouldn't be too upset with this result. What's really going on is everyone stopped buying the single and started buying the album, which bows at 6 on the album chart this week. ScopiSat faves Mini Viva hang in there at 9, and Sugababes manage another week in the top ten despite my predictions of a swift demise. With all the rumors of a lineup change, perhaps the single got a sales bump from the idea this may be the last chance to buy a 'Babes track in this incarnation. The rest of the chart is pretty quiet, save an honorable mention for Little Boots, whose 'Remedy' maintains a slow descent at 13, and the appearance of what will surely be a huge hit for Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. 'Empire State of Mind' debuts at 15 this week solely off the back of the duo's US MTV Video Music Awards performance, giving Jay-Z two hits in the top 20 this week. With a full single campaign in the works, it would be very very foolish to expect anything less than chart greatness from this track.

The UK Top Ten:
1 - Taio Cruz: Break Your Heart
2 - David Guetta ft Akon: Sexy Chick
3 - Madonna: Celebration
4 - Jay-Z ft Rihanna & Kanye West: Run This Town
5 - Shakira: She Wolf
6 - Pixie Lott: Boys & Girls
7 - Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling
8 - Dizzee Rascal: Holiday
9 - Mini Viva: Left My Heart in Tokyo
10- Sugababes: Get Sexy

The Cheryl Cole 'Fight For This Love' video a confusing accompaniment to a quite excellent song. It is confusing because it seems to be the video for a different song entirely but is actually a video for this song. It's all laid back and stylish and fitting with the tone of the track and then there are IN YOUR FACE DANCE MOVES for NO REASON and then it ENDS. Lets break this down:

Things that work:
1 - Cheryl posing against walls
2 - Cheryl posing against shapes
3 - Cheryl posing against green screen effects

Things that do not work:
1 - Everything else

Still, a pretty damn strong first outing for C-Co. The video is growing on us and the song is obviously still AMAZING. Out Oct 19 on Fascination in the UK

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alphabeat debut 'The Spell' video

ScopiSat is obsessed with Alphabeat's new single. It is retro and fun and has a melody and a chorus and 'it has a beat and you can dance to it.'

The video is.....well it is.

It's Scopitone Saturday!!

This week's Scopitone is all 'drama' and 'set design.' In it a French person looks at inanimate objects and sings to them and then lays on a dead animal and then CRIES.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Lego does Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Lego



Sign of the Apocalypse #7: Real Housewife Kim's new single

So this is what we've come to. This is what the culmination of thousands of years of human culture and advancement and philosophy and science has resulted in. A tone-deaf living nightmare of a cougar warning us not to be late or something - a terrible, terrible something - will happen.

If it were anyone other than "Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak" it would just be a not-horrible RedOne knockoff but it is "Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak" so instead it is a cosmic sign that baby Jesus will soon be coming back to lay waste to the Earth with fire and water and rapture all the Girls Aloud fans up to Heaven where Xenomania does the soundtrack and no one is ever over-lit


Hockey's new 'Song Away'

It may come as a surprise to some that ScopiSat has a soft spot for a good guitar-indie jam. This is a pop blog, though, and so we don't get many chances to spotlight that kind of thing. Luckily a song came out this week that straddles the line between VERY GOOD POP and VERY GOOD ROCK and has a melody and a chorus and things that pop songs are supposed to have and really indie songs aren't. The song in question is called 'Song Away' and is by Hockey the band. We say Hockey the band because Hockey is also a sport and that could get confusing.

We would show you the video but Capitol Records feels that videos are to be made and not seen and does not allow embedding. So instead here is a picture to look at while a song plays.

'Song Away' is out now for download in the UK on Capitol.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The second Madonna 'Celebration' video is very good isn't it

Madonna - Celebration (Fan Version) Video by Madonna - MySpace Video

Yes. It is.

Watch Whitney's 'Million Dollar' video

This is Whit's new video. In it she goes to the dry cleaner and sings to people in the basement because that is the only way to become famous again after you go on a crack binge and marry Bobby Brown. :(

Also she looks like a REALLY GOOD Whitney Houston drag queen.

Good to have you back, Miss H.

Soft Toy Emergency's new single is 'Critical'

ScopiSat doesn't know what to make of Soft Toy Emergency, and even less what to make of their new song. On one hand it's got a great melody, it's got attitude. On the other, WTF IS GOING ON WITH THAT BEAT? It's like the Vengaboys. We're definitely on board with a tip of the hat to the past and we love our retro-referential flourishes, but come on guys. Too soon.

Out in November on AATW but if you want pure 90's joy buy Alphabeat's 'The Spell' instead

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Listen to Madonna's new full leaked track 'Revolver' ft Lil Wayne

A new Madonna song has surfaced and it is both crap and amazing. It is amazing because it is Madonna but sounds like Britney or Rihanna without being terribly unoriginal. It is crap because...well because of Lil Wayne. As a whole the track is overwrought, overproduced, and nothing we haven't heard before. But somehow (read: because it is Madonna and she's had some practice at this sort of thing) it ultimately ends up a fantastic anthem that is literally begging to be a single.

'Revolver' features on Madonna's new greatest hits, out Sept 29

Kanye West Apology Generator (Create Your Own Kanye Apology)

This has to be one of the best things to come of the internet since we were told to leave Britney alone. It is timely. It is on the nose. It is harsh but deserved. It is AMAZING. Click here to create your own all-caps, half gibberish, overly punctuated apology with the help of some mad-libs style text entry boxes.

Literally amazing.

The new Alicia Keys track is not bad is it

If you get over the whole 'whiney foghorn' thing it's really pretty good.

'Doesn't Mean Anything' goes to radio Sept 29

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Madonna hits 40....number 1's

If Mantis-arms continues at this pace, her tally of number ones will soon match her age. And that's a LOT.

Billboard's Chart Beat this week focuses solely on Madonna and her quite extraordinary feat of achieving 40...FORTY number ones on the Dance/Club Play Chart. Fittingly, the song that rounded out her total is 'Celebration,' a track off her forthcoming greatest hits that is heavily influenced by her career's greatest chart toppers. In all honesty it is quite an amazing record. That's forty individual songs that have at one time or another been the absolute biggest dance song in the entire country. So, hats (or dancing shoes or whatever) off to you, Madge....why don't you go work out or something to celebrate. You clearly have been slacking off.

Billboard's Chart Beat has a nice rundown of all Madonna's hits with dates and chart positions and all that music-nerd stuff that people like us TOTALLY get off on, so head over to their site and check it out.

Jojo has recorded a MIND BLOWING SONG that you must listen to RIGHT AWAY

This track has been knocking around on our iPod for a few weeks now and since we've run out of bad things to say re: Kanye West, it's time to throw the song to the wolves and see if you love it as much as we do.

Apparently this is a track from Jojo's upcoming album, which has been delayed and cancelled and rescheduled and cancelled again all due to some tiff between the 'artiste' and her 'label' about hairstyles or limos or retransmission licensing royalties or something. It's a mighty, mighty shame though, because this jam, called 'Forever In My Life,' is really something of a revelation. Ever since that damn 'Leave (Get Out)' crap, ScopiSat has had the knives out for Jojo, so for a tune to change our mind - and in such spectacular fashion - is quite a feat. It starts out all Christina Aguilera-warbly and you think 'oh this is going to be shit isn't it' but then a beat drops in and then the chorus happens and then a billion magical music nymphs come down from the heavens and dance around in your ears because that is what they do when a song is PROPERLY GOOD and you have drunk some cold medicine.

Amazing? Amazing.

Dolly Rockers know inside us all lives a 'Bingo Freak' (new song)

Ok so it starts out a little weird but then turns into something phenomenal and somehow quite genuine. It's a bit Lily Allen-meets-britpop working class balladry but with big hair and bigger boobs.

Is it just us or can you guys NOT WAIT for this album???

Monday, September 14, 2009

So lets all talk about celebrity Kanye reactions

ScopiSat hates Kanye West. Not the music, but the man. Pride, bravado, etc is all well and good but christ...
Well Last night the man was in action again, as I'm sure you've all heard or have seen. He grabbed the mic during Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to express his dissatisfaction with Taylor winning over Beyonce. Pure class, right?

Kanye was kicked out of the VMAs after his outburst, and the always dignified Beyonce later forfeited her acceptance speech to allow Taylor the chance to speak...

anyway, we have nothing really new to add to the discussion, so instead we're going to take a look at some of the reactions to Mr. West's little speech:

Pink: Kanye West is the biggest shit on Earth. Quote me.

Katy Perry: Fuck you, Kanye. It's like you stepped on a kitten.

Kelly Clarkson: Dear Kanye, what happened to you as a child? Did you not get hugged enough?

Kellie Pickler: Kanye grow some fucking balls, bitch

And perhaps the best so far, a comforting reassurance from Spencer Pratt: Let's be very clear - King Spencer would never do anything like what Kanye just did to a sweet soul like Taylor


Kylie's Abba cover in Hyde Park

Yesterday Kylie and a bunch of other people that aren't Kylie sang Abba songs in Hyde Park as part of 'Thank You For The Music.' Here is Ms. Minogue singing 'Super Trouper.' A 'featuring' credit really should go to the gentleman who joins in on the choruses...we shall call him Bob.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chart Chat UK: September 13, 2009

A bunch of tracks storm the top ten this week, including a brand new number one. Pixie Lott flies right into the pole position with her new song 'Boys and Girls.' Much like her previous chart topper, 'Mama Do,' this track leaves ScopiSat cold but has been wildly embraced by the British record buying public. The songs just seem a bit 'lowest common denominator' to us, but what can you do. Jay-Z and Rihanna and Kanye are relegated to number 3, allowing David Guetta to slip back into the runner-up position. At 4 is our next new entry, with the comeback single from the polarizing Mika. 'We Are Golden' marks a return to form for the singer, after the rereleased 'Relax Take It Easy/Lollipop' single barely scratched the top 20. In fact, 'Golden' becomes his biggest hit since his breakthrough, 'Grace Kelly,' hit the top spot in 2007. The next new entry clocks in at number 7. Mini Viva have been touted and promoted for quite a while, and it looks like the whole thing paid off. 'I Left My Heart In Tokyo' starts the duo off with a solid top ten, but as ScopiSat reader John pointed out their challenge will be to overcome the 'novelty song' label. It's also interesting to contrast the girls' success with last week's new girl group, Dolly Rockers, who landed in the charts with a thud at 47. Why Mini Viva and not the Rockers? One word: Xenomania. After failing to put them in the top spot last week, listeners seem to be rejecting the Sugababes' new sound pretty conclusively. Down to 8 this week, 'Get Sexy' will be gone before we know it. Down one at 9 is the new Muse track, 'Uprising,' and marks the band's return to the top ten for the first time since 2006 but nobody really cares because their singles are really just ads for the album. The rest of the chart is pretty boring. Short version: Lots of Lady Gaga tracks and some old MOR crap lingering about.'s nice outside and ScopiSat needs some sun.

The UK Top Ten:

1 - Pixie Lott: Boys and Girls
2 - David Guetta ft Akon: Sexy Chick
3 - Jay Z ft Rihanna & Kanye West: Run This Town
4 - Mika: We Are Golden
5 - Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling
6 - Dizzee Rascal: Holiday
7 - Mini Viva: Left My Heart In Tokyo
8 - Sugababes: Get Sexy
9 - Muse: Uprising
10- Little Boots: Remedy

Susan Boyle's cover of the Rolling Stones' "White Horses"

So the whole Susan Boyle phenomenon has come and gone and now is coming again. For all those hoping she would rock out or put a donk on it, disappointment awaits in the clip below. For everyone else, this is a nicely understated cover of a Stones tune that will undoubtedly help the album to diamond status or something ridiculous like that.

The album's out November 23 on Sony...will you be buying it?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora.

We would just like to remind everyone that this was made.

Consider as you watch, that a stylist worked on this video shoot during which they looked at the outfits and said 'yes. yes, THAT is my vision.'

Listen to Toni Braxton's comeback single and tell us it doesn't sound like 3 other current chart hits

You can't can you :(

C+ "needs work" etc

It's Scopitone Saturday!!!

Another Saturday is upon us, and this week's Scopitone is a doozy. It is about golf. There is SINGING while golfing and DANCING while golfing and then there is ACTUAL GOLFING and then everyone goes home.

Here are Freddie Bell and Roberta Linn and Roberta Linn's hat with 'Tweedlee Dee.'

Friday, September 11, 2009

Watch Whitney's new video

Here is Whitney's 'long awaited' video for "I Look To You." It's all a bit 'pancake makeup and budget constraints' but we're not sure what else we should have expected. We also can't decide if the fact that it looks like a drag performance is a plus or minus. Vexing, this video. Vexing indeed.

The new Natalie Imbruglia video is quite good

The video for 'Want' is finally here and it is understated and classy just like its star. We've already discussed how the song is subtly brilliant and looks to be a game-changing comeback for her. But we may be a bit biased because we think Natalie is amazing. So what do you think of the video?

Out Sept 28 on Malabar/Island

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse #6: Listen to Carmen Electra's new single

ScopiSat's mothers taught us well. If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

That's what blog comment boxes are for. Go to town, dear readers.

Dragonette Pick Up The Phone in new video

This is Dragonette's new video. In the video, Dragonette's lead singer vandalizes a high school with a blond person and then drives around a parking lot in slow motion. There are two things we should get from this. 1. High schools are bad and MUST BE STOPPED. 2. This song is very very good.

It's a bit like Gwen Stefani singing 'Cool' but different because it is Dragonette.

Dolly Rockers' have a new track, 'Boys Will Be Boys'

What to do when your debut single crashed and burned? If you're the Dolly Rockers you puke and rally with a killer new song that sounds nothing like your last one but manages to be equally as good. Take a listen, courtesy of Parlophone, still selling the girls as the next big thing and hoping we all forget about 'Gold Digger' and pretend like NOTHING HAPPENED.

No word on a release date but it will probably show up on the forthcoming album

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ellen Joins Idol!

This just in: Ellen is joining American Idol as their new permanent judge


The new Cheryl Cole...

On repeated listens it's actually quite good isn't it...

Lusine has Two Dots in new video

This is 'Two Dots.' It is by an artist called Lusine. 'Two Dots' is very good. It is different from what is usually touted on ScopiSat, but that fact does not prevent it from being very good.

The video is described as an illustration of 'relationships-as-trigonometry.' It is conceptual and arty and makes no sense to anyone that didn't take a college media-studies course but that is alright because the whole thing is very colorful and is accompanied by a quite nice tune.

The new Robbie video in which he does some stuff

This is Robbie's big comeback video for 'Bodies,' his first single in what seems like a lifetime. As comeback videos go it's pretty tame. There is no skin-shedding. There is no Daryl Hannah. In fact there is very little to get excited about at all except at the end there are PLANES.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The brand new Kylie video in full

Literally amazing.

Update: it is clearly only amazing because it is new Kylie. If this was Cheryl Cole's new song it would be a heaping pile of dog shit. But it is new Kylie. So it is LITERALLY AMAZING.

Asbury gays see your Miley and raise you a Whitney in 'Million Dollar Bill' video

It was bound to happen. We all knew it would. In fact we're a little surprised it didn't happen earlier. The knockoffs of the brilliant 'Party in the FIP' have begun, and first up is Whitney's 'Million Dollar Bill.' This time the scene is Asbury Park, the gay mecca of......New Jersey. It's derivative and contrived. It's got attitude but no class. It's queenier, bitchier and way lower budget. So that's about right for a Whitney project then isn't it...

After what the FIP video did for Miley in the gay world (it's blaring off every well-appointed rooftop in NYC this summer), do you think 'Million Dollar Bill' is set for the same gay-jam status?

Sugababes know About A Girl...listen to their new single

There's nothing like coming off a crap single to light a fire under a girlgroup's ass, is there? With 'About A Girl' the 'Babes have gone all RedOne and dancy and AMAZING. With 'Get Sexy' body-checked into the number 2 spot this past weekend the girls have all the more reason to abandon the American R&B schlock and get back to what they do best. Welcome back girls. We missed you.

Out in November on Island

Monday, September 7, 2009

Listen to Cheryl Cole's new solo track and revel in its unoffensiveness

So the 'highly anticipated' first solo single from an Aloud girl (the others did things but we can't remember what they were so we'll just call this the first) had its debut on the radio, and it's not half bad. It's also not half good. In fact it's mostly right in the middle. It starts out sounding like a BIG EPIC POP SONG and then ends up sounding like a Pussycat Dolls filler track. We all know Cheryl can sing, but there's some effect on her voice that makes it sound like she can't, and the breakdown isn't as epic as we would like, but in all fairness it's a little catchy we suppose. Cue ten weeks at number 1 and a trillion dollars in ringtone sales.

Out October 19 on Fascination

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Britney sings 'You Outta Know' live in this new vid

We are as shocked as you are. Britney can apparently stand up, hold a microphone AND carry a tune all at the same time. Two questions:

1. Where has this Britney been hiding?


Amazing. A glimpse of what could be - and if she knows what's good for her, what will be.

Chart Chat UK: September 6, 2009

The 'epic chart battle' of the week is over, and it's 1776 all over again. The American Jay-z (and Rihanna and Kanye West) track reigns supreme over Brit girls Sugababes who are relegated to number 2 with the first single off their upcoming album. To be fair, the 'babes never really had a chance against such a pedigree, as 'Run This Town' matches three of hip-hop's biggest luminaries. Also new in the top 10 are Kings of Leon, whose 'Sex On Fire' screams into the number 6 position after the song was performed on the X-Factor. The track is already the most-downloaded song in UK history, and this rather staggering re-entry proves there are somehow still a few people who don't already own it. Woman of the moment - or should we say Lady - Ms. Gaga helps Wale to a number 12 spot with 'Chillin,' while Just Jack hangs around with his new track at 15. The 16 spot goes to Booty Luv's 'Say It,' which while not the outright bomb of the week (we'll get to that in a moment), is a far cry from the top 10 successes they enjoyed with the last couple songs. There's little else of note in the top 40...Temper Trap hangs out at 29 with 'Sweet Disposition,' and Prodigy make an appearance at 38 with 'Take Me To The Hospital.' Perhaps most interesting is what is NOT in the top 40 this week. Dolly Rockers, the ScopiSat favorite and much-buzzed-about girlband, are nowhere to be seen. The girls' first proper single, 'Gold Digger,' is a mix of talky northern sass and hooky chorus and it quite frankly is a bit of a shock to not see it at least in the make a bit of a splash. This certainly isn't how their big debut was meant to go, but hopefully there is more to come from the terrific trio. Next week brings another hotly-tipped debut, from Mini Viva with 'I Left My Heart In Tokyo.' As of this writing the track already in the top 15 on iTunes so it looks like they'll avoid the DOA label. To see just how far they manage to actually go, check back next week!

The UK Top Ten:

1 - Jay Z ft Rihanna and Kanye West: Run This Town
2 - Sugababes: Get Sexy
3 - David Guetta ft Akon: Sexy Chick
4 - Dizzee Rascal: Holiday
5 - Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feeling
6 - Kings of Leon: Sex On Fire
7 - Little Boots: Remedy
8 - Tinchy Stryder ft Amelle: Never Leave You
9 - Beyonce: Sweet Dreams
10- Esmee Denters: Outta Here

Mini Viva left their heart in Tokyo in their new video

Today is a very special day. Why? We're glad you asked.

That is why.

Out TODAY on Polydor

Buy it, etc.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Listen to Leona Lewis' leaked new single 'Happy'

And it is very very good. Let us say that again. It is not bad. It is not average. It is not good. It is VERY VERY GOOD. It's like her people realized her cover of 'Run' was the best thing that ever happened to pop and then had Ryan Tedder write her another 'Run' that is better because it has never been done by Snow Patrol but worse because it is not ACTUALLY 'Run.' Essentially it is just what a 'second album lead single' from Leona Lewis should sound like.

Out Sept 15 on J Records

La Roux is not your toy in their new video

La Roux is finally putting out a single ScopiSat can get on board with. It has proper verses and choruses and doesn't involve ear-splitting wails during either. Well done. The video is also quite good and fun and has lots of cool elements like glasses and old men but it's Saturday and we're too lazy to write a proper review so you can watch and talk amongst yourselves about it.

Out the 28th of September on Polydor

It's Scopitone Saturday!!

This week, Joi Lansing once again supplies us with a delightfully wholesome Scopitone. From the opening 'I mean business and that business is SEX' walk to the flesh colored 'I mean fun and that fun is SEX' one-piece, Joi shows us that EVEN BUSTY BLONDES can be sexy.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Listen to the new Robbie single

We're waiting to fully judge. It certainly is a grower. It certainly has a lot of fun production bits. It's certainly 'old Robbie done in a new way.' It certainly tries to be controversial ('Jesus didn't die for you, what are you on?'). It certainly has a choir and epic strings. It most certainly will be at the top of the charts soon. And as we've been writing this the song has been playing again and just scratch all of the above because it is AMAZING.

Out October 12 on EMI

This new Dolly Rockers video is in your face

Here, for no reason, is 'Gold Digger' by the Dolly Rockers in 3D.

That is all.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Youtube and PRS kiss and make up

UK Youtube viewers can once again watch their favorite music videos, thanks to a deal with PRS Music, the creators collecting society. PRS collects and doles out performance royalties for music played in clubs, pubs, restaurants, etc., and, of course, online. In March 2009, Youtube and PRS failed to negotiate an agreement by which artists would be compensated for their work broadcast on the website, with Youtube claiming that PRS was being greedy, and PRS accusing Youtube of not giving adequate remuneration to the creative types. Adding fuel to PRS's fire, Pete Waterman famously claimed that during the whole 'RickRolling' craze he received an £11 royalty check for Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' despite the video receiving over 100 million hits. All this resulted in the public losing out, as Youtube blocked all premium music content on the site rather than give a dime to PRS. In an age when MTV and VH1 show more reality schlock than videos and an increasing number of consumers catch their videos online, this meant that many clips would remain unseen or have their audience severely reduced. The fewer video views, the fewer sales, etc etc until the music industry implodes and we're all banging on pots and pans in our basements.

It didn't get quite that far, of course, but both Youtube and PRS wised up and agreed to a 'lump sum' settlement that will return premium music content to UK computer screens and mobiles.

Now. Lets everyone play nice, shall we?

Alex Roots: Because the world needs another Katy Perry

Alex Roots has been 'one to watch' for a while now. She's attractive, she's spunky, she does 80's tinged rock-pop and bounces around in clothes with shoulderpads. She is essentially everything Katy Perry is but somehow far less annoying. Also she didn't record 'Waking Up In Vegas' and shove it down our throats, so she's already got a big bonus in her corner.

Her new song, 'Don't Stop Looking,' is actually a pretty fun jam and the video is all sorts of cute sex-kitten fun.

The single's out Sept 7. Pick it up and show Katy Perry who's boss.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bananarama are back and want you to know that Love Comes

Here is Bananarama's new video for the new album's lead single 'Love Comes.' It is a quite listenable electro song that both suffers and benefits from the fact that it sounds like it is a Rachel Stevens cast-off from five years ago. The video is all 'cougars in the Vogue prop closet' and works quite well, but one can't help feeling like this 'comeback' isn't going to be much different for them than last time. ScopiSat is all about these ladies, but another top-20 also ran is probably in the cards. Sad. :(

Out Sept 6 on Fascination Records

Nelly Furtado sings things in Spanish and previews her new album

Here is a short video that showcases each of the tracks on Nelly Furtado's upcoming album. You may notice that the words to the songs are not in English. The words are, in fact, in Spanish. This does not detract from the fact that the songs are quite good, and some native Spanish speakers may feel the language choice actually enhances them. We will leave it to you to decide.

The album, 'Mi Plan,' is out Sept 15 on Universal

Basement Jaxx's Feelings are Gone

'Feelings Gone' is the new single from Basement Jaxx, and it features one-time 'next big thing' Sam Sparro. They have made a video for the single. Here it is. And that's all we're going to say about that.

The album, 'Scars' is out on Sept 9 on XL Recordings/Ultra Records

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passion Pit have put out a nice song called 'To Kingdom Come'

Ok so it's hardly world-shattering and fits nicely in the 'great to listen to for now but will end up buried in my iTunes never to be heard again' category, but in truth 'To Kingdom Come' is quite a good little ditty. The bonus points for the steampunk-tinged video bring it up to a solid score. Passion Pit consist of a number of people with difficult-to-pronounce names and hail from Cambridge, Massachusetts and if you want to know more you can go to their Wikipedia page just like we did.

Out now on French Kiss Records in the US and Columbia in the UK

Madonna has a Celebration all over Jesus in her new video

Here, finally, is Madge-mantis' video for 'Celebration' and it is delightfully dancing-Oakenfold-free while being crotch-touching-heavy. There is making out, there is nudity, there are designer clothes. In short it is everything a Madonna video should be. The plot is something like 'Madonna is dancing because music is a CELEBRATION and then she is making out with Jesus because making out is a CELEBRATION and people are wearing stylish things because fashion is a CELEBRATION and then the video ends and the celebration is over.'

Well done.

Yes. Well done indeed.

Whitney goes a little less crack and a little more meth and poppers

Whitney's official comeback single gets the remix treatment, and I think we all know that the result is amazing. Even as the song languishes on the charts, at least it will be blasting out of the speakers at all the gays' rooftop parties this Labor Day...

The single is out now...not that anyone noticed