Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shakira rocks out again (finally) in 'Sale El Sol' - watch the premiere now!

Shortly after learning her latest ESL test score
Don't get us wrong, we heart Shakira super hard no matter what genre she's thrusting her tiny pelvis along to.  But, we are also of the firm opinion that nothing she's done since the turn of the century can hold a candle to 1998's 'Donde Estan Los Ladrones?' album.  Because it was AMAZING.

Sure, she got hotter since then (awesome), and a LOT more flexible (terrifying), but we've always felt that her English-language musical path wasn't really 100% HER (read: 100% what we, in particular, demanded of her).  Obviously she's an artist and blah blah so she wants to experiment with genres and blah blah, but up until now she's kind of avoided doing exactly what made her genius in the first place - guitar driven rock with a pop edge and a killer hook.  Sure she's always had that base to her songs, but then they're always thrown together with some trendy "authentic street cred" for the American market by incorporating "ClassiKrunk" or something equally nonsensical.

Anyhoodle, our favorite incarnation of Shakira is thankfully back in full force on her new track 'Sale El Sol,' which features LITERALLY RAD electric guitar powerchords and a straight up hook.  Also the song has a video in which our sassy starlet gets to wear a GIANT DRESS, so it's obviously very good too.