Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can we just talk about Madonna's 'Interview' cover shoot? Watch the video now!

Rejoice, cougars of the world, for we now live in a time where we can all age in reverse and miraculously appear EXACTLY THE SAME as we did in 1991.  Don't believe us?  Witness the new cover and photo shoot for Madonna-mantis' 'Interview' spread below...

Interestingly, we're also apparently still co-opting Catholic imagery and using it in "sexy ways" as a kind of "fuck you" to the church because they totally don't have any problems or detractors or molestation issues already.

 Anyway, here's Madge and her Golem-arms fellating a crucifix in her Depends.  JUST LIKE IN 1991 except YOUNGER and with the distinct odor of Aspirin and pee.  Our guess is that, in her advanced years, Mantis has literally forgotten that any of this happened before, and one night awoke in her cryo-chamber believing wholeheartedly that the hazy memories in her dementia-riddled mind were actually the seeds of a BRILLIANTLY GROUNDBREAKING IDEA.