Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Watch SixD's 'Best Damn Night - This is what would happen if Glee, Black Eyed Peas and Step Up:3D had a baby

Seriously you guys I lost my contact, check your shoes.
Ok so here's the thing.  When it starts you'll be like "omgsies I'm totes ready to hate this garbizzle" but something about it will make you keep listening and shortly before the first chorus you'll be like "well at least it's not as tragilicious as that tranny Countess LuAnn mess" and, resist as you might, by the time the breakdown bit ends you'll be all "goddammit now I'm supes obsessed" and will immediately download it from some dodgy blog or something and play it every night before you go out to whatever hotspot that cute boy with the spray tan and the sick calves (you know, the one who works in accounting but is only doing that until his modeling/event-planning career takes off) told you about, but for obvious reasons you will NEVER TELL ANYONE EVER.

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