Wednesday, June 8, 2011

BRAND NEW Florence and the Machine makes us happy - listen to 'Not Fade Away' now!

I have just squashed a very gay bug
Oh, Florence. 

It's quite a good time to be a ginger, isn't it?  Nicola is gearing up to lord over the pop landscape, Flo-Mo is holding down the indie side of things, and last we saw, Rihanna still refused to rinse the neon Kool-Aid out of her hair. 

Obviously (read: not at all obvious and, in fact, quite unlikely) seizing on this GINGER REVOLUTION, Miss Machine has opted to release a brand new song.  It continues the Flo's tradition of chucking out tunes that are quite good, though some of that can be put down to the fact that it was first done by a bona fide pop icon by the name of Buddy Holly who was so awesome that Weezer did a song about him.

The whole thing is in aid of this Buddy Holly covers album thing that is happening, so unfortunately this doesn't signal an impending new Florence album, but we'll take what we can get as gingers are notoriously thrifty with their musical output.

Seriously, when was the last time Ginger Spice put out a song?

Aw, poor Ginger Spice.


Katy Perry is funny and likeable in her new video - watch the teaser for 'Last Friday Night' now!

We have sort of a love/hate relationship with Katy Perry.  In fact, you might say that our feelings toward her are Hot and Cold (Ed Note: this is terrible.  DELETE.).  But not only is her new song 'Last Friday Night' kind of great, she's begun teasing what promises to be a genuinely amusing clip for the new single.  This is VERY DISCONCERTING for us, as we were quite comfortable in our haughty disdain for the sugary starlet.

While she never took herself seriously in the way Gaga has of late ("EVERYTHING I SAY IS VERY IMPORTANT "), KP always gave off the impression that she took not taking herself seriously very seriously ("NOTHING I SAY IS IMPORTANT AND IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU KNOW I THINK THAT") which is maybe even more annoying.  Because, as any kid on a family vacation to a water park can tell you, forced fun is infinitely worse than no fun at all.

But here we have Katy "bringing the LOLz" and such, and that throws a giant glittery monkeywrench in our Well-Oiled Machine of Largely Unwarranted Hate.  And we will never forgive her for making us like her.