Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shakira wants you to 'Give It Up To Me' in her new video - watch now!

Apparently there is some 'let's make a video that looks like we dug it out of the VHS video singles bin at the landfill where Tower Records dumped all their unsold goods in the 1990s' craze going on right now.  Following Lady Gaga and Beyonce's odd and effects-heavy outing, now we get Shakira's take on dodgy CGI (look, she's the Statue of Liberty!) and tight choreography done in front of a green screen (look, there are speakers behind her!).  It's just as well, though - this isn't Shakira's best song either, so it wouldn't do for it to have a phenomenal video to go with it.

She looks quite good though, yes?