Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Your new favorite popstar is Ed Drewett. Here is a song by him. You're welcome.

Ed Drewett is "up and coming" in that way that someone on a blog somewhere said he is "up and coming" and so he is already more famous than most people can hope to be in their lifetime.   He is also "up and coming" in the way that he hasn't had a hit or anything yet, but many people in the know are guessing this debut track 'Champagne Lemonade' is poised to change that.  It's got a very "now" sound about it, with electronic squiggles and effects somehow melding with a more organic sound.  It's sort of what a hipster discotheque on poppers would sound like if hipsters liked decent music and could afford to go to clubs.  In a totally good way.

Drewett - who is obviously quite objectionable, physically - is "tastemaker" Popjustice's number 1 pick on their sort of arbitrary and irregularly updated "PJ Almighty," thereby automatically placing him among the lofty ranks of SMASH HIT ARTISTS such as Dollyrockers, Same Difference (who have a new single we may soon tell you about, funnily enough), and Frankmusik.  Don't ring a bell?  Well if you want to remind yourselves, take a trip down to your local grocer where you can see any one of the aforementioned artists happily bagging up your baked beans and dandruff shampoo as they hum to themselves the tunes that made them the HUGE STARS that they are today. 

How about we don't let that happen to this one, alright?


...and yeah, we'd totally do him too.