Saturday, February 27, 2010

Estelle is a 'Freak' with David Guetta - listen to the brand new single now!

Make no mistake, kids, this is a world away from 'American Boy.'  But never fear - it is also pretty damn good.  After 'Boy''s huge success Estelle never quite caught on, with her other singles flailing around in the UK Top 40's lower reaches.  The album did ok, but clearly she had to come back with something big or risk living out her days in Blu Cantrell country.  Well, mission accomplished.  'Freak' is all samples and beats and epic drunken dancing at the gay bar, and heavily features the hook from that song from the 80's or 90's that everyone knows but doesn't remember the name of.  In other words it's quite acceptable and we here at ScopiSat can't wait for the video.

"Well done."

The video premiere has been pushed back a week, apparently, but should surface sometime in the beginning of March.  The single is out in a couple weeks.