Monday, February 8, 2010

Who wants to hear Carrie Underwood hit a REALLY dodgy note? (video)

As Carrie Underwood's National Anthem (when we write it like that, it looks like it's the national anthem of a nation called Carrie Underwood, which, incidentally, we would totally live in) progresses, you can tell she's pleased she's TOTALLY killing it.
She knows this is going well.  "Why not let myself go a little," she thinks.  "Just ignore the monitors and SING."  So she does.
And then, just when all seems safe, on the note that we will all remember her for, she pulls a Taylor Swift and everything goes to hell. 

Bless.  To be fair, it takes a brave woman to wear a white suit on television.

EDIT:  In preparation for this post, we spent a good ten minutes trying to find a photo of Carrie Underwood looking awful.  It is IMPOSSIBLE.  It does not exist.