Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Menya is giving it away for free! Get their first 2 EP's now!

There is a thing called Menya and it is very good.  It is 2 girls and a boy and some listenable music and also, sometimes, stuffed animals, even though the plush things don't actually sing ( :( ).  One of the members, Good Goose (the boy), is about to put out a balls-to-the-wall-brilliant mixtape (Note: exciting), and ScopiSat might just have some exclusives for you from the man himself (Note: EXCITING).  But until then we can all get our Menya fix on by downloading the band's first two EP's for ABSOLUTELY FREE. 

For the unindoctrinated looking for a jumping off point, check out 'Oh!' off the band's 2008 'The Ol' Reacharound.' It's fun and happy and it has a video, and really, in a recession that's about all you can ask, isn't it.  Also the band as a whole are not unattractive which certainly doesn't hinder the clip in the least, and at the end of the day, the fact of the matter is the song title features PUNCTUATION which means it is AMAZING.

Now go get your free downloads at the Menya website HERE