Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sophia Somajo's 'Wristcutters, Inc.' is better than all the Jessie Js and Nikki Minajs put together

Much buzz has been spent on Sophia Somajo, who has been referred to more than once as "the next big thing."  Now, to be fair, if every "next big thing" turned out to be the ACTUAL next big thing, we would be overrun with popstars dancing through the supermarkets and laundromats and the world would be a VERY DIFFERENT (read: AMAZING) place.  But alas, most of these "hotly-tipped" whipper snappers turn out to be a whole lot of nothing, and while they are usually quite good, they more often than not put out a "top 85 single" and then go off to manage an HSBC branch or something.

But every so often the blogs get it right, and we have a feeling Sophia Somajo may be the actual real deal - at least if her new jam is any indication.  'Wristcutters, Inc.' is a happy-go-lucky song about suicide and self-mutilation with a hoppity little beat and some glorious production.  Also it has a sort of "Asian theme" going - because, why not? - and, most importantly, it's got a great melody that plants itself immovably in your brain like Jessica Simpson in a booth at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

It really shouldn't be a surprise that the track is phenomenal, though, since Somajo has writing credits on some VERY GOOD things like Robyn's 'Body Talk' album, has notched up a few hits in Scandinavia, and, most of all, because Sophia is SWEDISH and if history has taught us anything it's that being Swedish automatically makes you a very talented songwriter. 

Sophia Somajo - Wristcutters Inc. by UniversalMusicSweden

"Not at all terrible"

Out tomorrow (1/31) in Sweden and worldwide release coming soon