Friday, November 20, 2009

Aqua want you to 'Spin Me Your Christmas' in their new track

The Aqua 'comeback' continues trudge across the globe...with this new track that is being scotch taped onto the end of their latest album.  Because clearly this - THIS - will be that extra push that people need to buy the package en masse.  Yes, NOW the throngs will form, pounding at the gates of the last remaining record shop in the EU.  iTunes will crash from the data overload.  7Digital will freeze.  The maniacal hordes of Aqua fans, in their double-clicking desperation, will bring down Europe's telecommunications infrastructure, clamoring for just one more listen of 'Spin Me Your Christmas,' Aqua will reverse its descent into obscurity and POP WILL BE SAVED.  Yes.  That is exactly what will happen. 

Madonna's new single is a 'Revolver' - listen to the remix now!

For Madonna's next single off her 'Celebration' package, Mantis-arms has tapped production genius David Guetta to rework 'Revolver.'  It sounds like a Britney track, feels like a hit, and still will probably peak somewhere below number 70.  But hey, it's all about album sales these days isn't it... The best part about the remix is the lack of Lil' Wayne's rap which plagues the original. 

No word on a physical release for the single, but 'Celebration' is out now in a variety of formats and track listings