Monday, April 16, 2012

Nelly Furtado's BIG COMEBACK SINGLE is here - listen to the premiere now!

This is an amazing single sleeve.
After cementing her place as a duchess of pop (not quite a princess, but not a Dev either...) with hits like 'I'm Like A Bird' and 'Say It Right,'  Nelly Furtado took her millions of royalty dollars and went off to a spa or something for a few years.  And also recorded a Spanish language album because of course.

But now she's BACK BACK BACK and ready to show these new young whipper snappers how it's done.  Her new single, the kind-of-geniusly titled 'Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)' thankfully eschews the clubland donkfest that somehow has become the droning background noise of the 2010s, and instead goes for an upbeat dancehall vibe with an unexpected drum and bass outro.

It's "very good" in the sense that it sounds like not a lot what's out right now, and also "kind of mediocre" in that it's not the catchiest thing we've heard.  To be fair though, Rihanna made number 1 hits out of far less, so we're not ruling anything out.

Her last appearance on the US singles chart was way back in 2007, so if she's going on name-recognition alone she'll have her work cut out for her. But at the very least, it's nice to hear Nelly's unique vocals coming out of our speakers again.  Now we just have to wait and see if the rest of the world feels the same way.

Here's 'Big Hoops':