Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's the Britpocalypse in the Britney vid for 'Til The Wolrd Ends' - watch the video now!

I can't get up, y'all

Britney can't dance anymore.  She just can't.  Whatever happened when she shaved her head and popped two kids out of her Spearsness just annihilated that special spark inside her that allowed her to dance like a super talented stripper with daddy issues.  With each of her live performances, her newly acquired ineptitude at moving her body becomes more and more apparent, and we're just about to the "acceptance" stage in the timeline of THE SEVEN STAGES OF ACCEPTING THAT A POP DIVA HAS LOST HER TALENT which is approximately where we were at with Whitney before she "forgot to modulate" at her Central Park concert.

But take heart, ScopiSubjects, because we live in a world where even though your ONE ACTUAL TALENT is gone, you can still make some rather amazing records, and a few really good videos to boot.

Case in point - Brit's new preview video of 'Til The World Ends,' which is all THINGS EXPLODING and NAKED PEOPLE and DANCING NAKED PEOPLE EXPLODING and also Britney flailing about lazily like a dying fish.

It's only 30 seconds long, but this preview alone is better than half the videos that are chucked out these days.  We're sure it'll be weighed down with product-placement and probably have a point somewhere in the middle where the music stops and they let Britney speak for some reason, but in whole it will likely still be AMAZING and we are very much looking forward to it.