Saturday, May 28, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD - Get a ragingly awesome mix of Kylie's new single 'Put Your Hands Up' now!

Despite telling everyone that there would be no more singles released from the Aphrodite album, our K-Mo has only gone ahead and commissioned a load of mixes for 'Put Your Hands Up' and is preparing to service them to radio and download outlets.  Which, according to the generally accepted industry standard, will make it an ACTUAL SINGLE and therefore also make Kylie a LYING JEZEBEL who can never be trusted.

But when we get output as golden as this, what's a little lack of trust between friends?

The Basto's Major Mayhem Edit received its first premiere on the UK's Gaydar Radio a short time ago, and a DJ by the name of DJScorpio has made a quite decent re-edit of it (taking out the British person speaking over the beginning, for instance).

The Mayhem Edit itself is a brilliant rework of the tune, and would probably do some significant chart damage as the worldwide official single mix.  Which, considering the debacle that has been Kylie's European promotion lately, means this version will be stuck on some random EP or only released to radio stations in South Africa or something.  So maybe it won't (but hopefully it does) get the exposure it deserves, but luckily for all you ScopiSubjects you can download it now for ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Happy Summer, everyone.

  Put Your Hands Up (Djscorpio's Basto's Major Mayhem Edit Re-edit) by djscorpio-lmn