Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mika's new video is 'Kick Ass' - watch now!

Mika's comeback hasn't gone 100% to plan, as he has fallen victim to the sophomore slump in a big way.  This probably isn't a surprise to anyone, as a large part of his success the first time around was his novelty.  With his current album, Mika stuck to his formula but added in some nice touches, and met with a resounding 'meh' from the charts.  So what is a flailing popstar to do?  Chuck out a soundtrack jam produced by Gaga's musical sherpa RedOne, of course. 

It's a step in a different, chav-friendly direction, but we're not here to judge.  In any case, the song isn't terrible by any means, and serves as a kind of theme track to the new film 'Kick Ass.'  See what they did there?  With the names?  Clever, right?

"Kick Ass" features on the soundtrack of the new film of the same name