Monday, August 8, 2011

Sky Ferreira is now Fiona Apple - listen to a clip of "song 3"

"I'm like Ke$ha but cleaner."
Remember when Fiona Apple was all awesome and popular and she did 'Shadowboxer' and 'Criminal' and then she yelled stuff at the MTV Awards and birds started living in her hair? Good times, right?

Well that was a very long time ago - especially by pop standards - and though she's put out a couple of really good (read: REALLY GOOD) albums since then, the world has kept spinning and a slew of new, young, hip and impossibly on-trend girls have come up to take her place.  Like Sky Ferreira.

Sky's musical style up to now has been a world away from Fiona's brooding pop/rock, but it seems Miss Ferriera has turned over a new leaf.  She just posted a snippet of a track inventively titled "song 3" on Soundcloud, and it wouldn't feel at all out of place on the Daria soundtrack from 1999.  In fact, if you told us it was actually a Fiona Apple demo from way back when, we'd totally believe you.

Yes, it's a huge departure from Sky's usual sunny synthpop, but considering the resounding thud her buzz singles have landed with, maybe that's a good thing. And who knows - maybe Fiona will get all jealous and finally put out something new.  Or....OR - and hold on because this would be amazing -  Sky and Fiona could do the track as a duet at a b-list awards show (we're thinking the Billboard Awards) and then put the performance on iTunes.  Then Glee would sing it as part of a "don't be a cutter" episode or something and the song would be number one for three years, and Sky and Fiona would form an AMAZING band called - wait for it - SKY AND FIONA, and everything they did would be phenomenal and life-changing.

Or - as will obviously happen - the Sky song will turn out to be a one-off demo thing, she'll keep doing amazing but underrated dance pop, and continue on her current path, having to list being one of Allure's "style icons" as her greatest acheivement. 

Sad face.

song 3 by Sky Ferreira Official