Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Timbaland and Katy Perry mug for the cameras in 'If We Ever Meet Again' video - watch now

This is a tough one for ScopiSat.  We love Timbaland.  We also tend to hate Timbaland.  We really enjoy 'Hot n Cold' but, more often than not, can't stand Katy Perry.  You might even say we're hot and then we're..... no we're not going to say that.  Anyway this video for the TimbaPerry collaboration presents us with quite the challenge - two artists who can get it really right or REALLY wrong ('Waking Up In Vegas' anyone?) working together on a plot-heavy video.

First things first - the plot is kind of cute and works well with the song.  Other than that it's a bit of a visual mess, though, isn't it.  4 minutes of Katy Perry being 'sexy' and Timbaland touching his chin and incessantly for no reason.  Seriously.  Stop touching your chin.

Second - the music alternates between hands-in-the-air pop glory and overproduced autotune nightmare.  And sometimes...just sometimes...it's both at the same time.  Something about Katy Perry's voice just doesn't suit the track, and by the time Timbaland has finished with the production both singers might as well be Japanese sex robots for all their 'artistic contribution.'

Fully realizing that everything we've written up to this point is decidedly negative, it's only fair to tell you we pretty much can't stop listening to the track.  Why?  Because sometimes a trainwreck is just what you need.  A big cargo train full of bubblegum barreling into the side of a pop mountain.  As you watch each car derail and fly into the abyss, you know it's terrible.  You know you should be ashamed that you're enjoying watching it.  And you know it's going to make a mess.  But what a wonderful, wonderful mess it is.