Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Britney does ok on Good Morning America - watch now plus new tour plans!!

...and this is how I got my record deal
Britney Spears is super gung-ho for her new 'Femme Fatale' album project, what with some "surprise" (read: NOT SURPRISING) performances in Vegas over the weekend and then a stop by the Today Show this week. With her two singles out before the album and endless promotion, Brit's a great example of the NEW MUSIC MARKETING MODEL which equates to about 14 singles released a week-and-a-half apart from each other, and some sort of "Canis - Perfume For Dogs" tie in or something ridiculous, just to ensure a healthy chart debut based on moving a quarter of the units a blockbuster album would have shifted a few years ago.  So yeah, the industry is in a great place right now.

Anyway, Brit's been tirelessly slogging her tracks for anyone who will listen, despite the fact (or perhaps BECAUSE of the fact) that 'Til The World Ends' faceplanted into the top 40 gutter after only a couple weeks.  We're sure that the whole album leaking didn't help matters, but still. A single falling from #9 to #23 the week before its parent album comes out is never a good sign.

Having said that, Miss Spears is sure to be #1 this week, but it will be interesting to see how many copies she sells.  It's a brilliant dance record, sure, but are we the only ones that think these live performances leave something to be desired?  Lip syncing worked when her EPIC DANCING distracted us.  But post-breakdown Brit never really regained her dancing mojo and watching her these days we can't help feeling a little bit....bored. 

We'd like - just once - to hear BS actually sing.  It's not like anyone is expecting a lot out of a BRITNEY LIVE VOCAL, so she has a pretty low bar to reach anyway. With her JUST-ANNOUNCED plans to tour this year with Enrique Iglesias, perhaps he can give her some lessons.