Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sky Ferreira's brand new 'One' single debut - listen now!

Much blog ink has been spilled over up and comer Sky Ferreira (pictured here having a wee in a supermarket) and her rosy future prospects.  The L.A. based singer/songwriter is only 17, but since signing with EMI Records last year she has been riding a promo train that many established stars would kill for.  Her buzz track '17' didn't make a ton of impact, but that's probably because it sounded like a bargain-basement Ke$ha b-side. 

But fear not, pop minions!  Ferreira's proper debut single 'One' dropped the other day and we're delighted to say it is much, much better.  It's not just good, either.  It's 'this song gets us excited about popular music' good.  It's 'makes us forget that Nickelback squeezed eight (EIGHT!!!) singles out of their last album' good.  It's....well, we don't want to over sell it, so just have a listen for yourself: 

It's always nice when 'the blogs' get it right, eh?

Out soon on EMI