Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hayden Panettiere is trying the music thing again - watch 'I Can Do It Alone' now!

"my new single has THIS much chance of being a hit"
We love Hayden Panettiere, and not just because she's the best thing about the already-good "Scream 4."  We love her because she played an underage slut on "Law and Order" too.  And cause she's pretty.  And also because she is super talented in a huge number of ways. But mostly for the slut thing. 

Anyhoodle, one of the ways she's talented is - rather unexpectedly - vocally.  Her brief foray into pop back in 2008 hardly set the charts afire (her debut single 'Wake Up Call' reached....#108), but that hasn't deterred Miss P from soldiering on as if she can be hot, an actress, and also have a singing career.  So basically like J.Lo but better, because she isn't J.Lo.

Of course this doesn't mean she's shirking her actress responsibilities, though - Hayden is currently doing double duty on the Box Office charts - she stars in the above mentioned "Scream" (which is amazing - go see it now because it is NOT DOING VERY WELL and we would quite like another sequel to happen) and she also voices a lead character in this week's flop-tastic "Hoodwinked 2" (which, conversely to "Scream" is probably crap and you should NOT go see it, or else there will be another sequel which will undoubtedly also be terrible).

For the latter film, Miss Panettiere has recorded her VERY NICE VOCALS over a NOT VERY NICE little tune. It's on the soundtrack or something, as is often the case with songs from films, but it presumably will also be released as a single.  Which is probably more practical since it certainly isn't worth buying an album for.  :(

Not terrible but come on, let's try a bit harder shall we, HP?