Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Here is the new Madonna song 'Give Me All Your Love' and it is AMAZING

If you don't say I'm normal looking I will have you killed.
We often find ourselves wishing that Madge-Mantis would return to the fun, happy days of the 80's, way before she started taking her self seriously and speaking with a really bad British accent.  And it looks like she's done just that for her big post-'Hard Candy' comeback.  Sure it's got a little rocky twist (kinda Kelly Clarkson, but with worse singing, obvs) but it's undeniably a return to form for the Queen of Pop.  If these previews are anything to go by, one Miss Gaga better watch her ridiculously dressed ass...

Here are some observations about 'Give Me All Your Love':
1.  Amazing
2.  Amazing
3.  Amazing
4. Amazing

Those were some observations about 'Give Me All Your Love.'

And here is 'Give Me All Your Love':


Rihanna's new track with Drake is pretty great - listen to 'Take Care' now!

He's kind of like Carrie, but his pyrotechnic rage is brought on by ASS
To be completely fair, before today we couldn't have really cared less about Drake.  Like, there was no possible way that we could have had less of an opinion about him either in terms of his musical output or as an actual person.  He had some tracks and was kind of famous, apparently, but most notably (for us, anyway) he featured on Rihanna's 'What's My Name.'  Well now we have to rethink everything, because the Barbadian minx has returned the favor, guesting on Drake's new track called 'Take Care.'  And IT IS KIND OF REALLY GOOD.  

These days it seems every track is vying to be more autotuned and more slick and more "thumpin beats, brah" than the last, and that is doubly true in the world of "urban pop" which is a genre that doesn't really exist officially but is essentially everything that you hear on the radio that isn't Adele.  HOWEVER, Drake has decided - rather wisely - to take things in a completely different direction, and chuck out an organic sounding, almost disco-y, understated affair.

But never fear, those of you who demand a donk and discowhistle (i.e. everyone who reads this website), word has it that some RATHER BANGING club mixes are in the works, and even on first listen it's not hard to imagine how this groovy little number can go from "sultry evening wrapped up in 300-count JC Penney sheets" to "POPPERS O'CLOCK ON TOP OF A BOX SPEAKER IN A DOWNTOWN WAREHOUSE" in pretty short order. 

So, welcome to our radar, Drake.  Also, if you could make a baby with Rihanna that'd be great for us.  Because HOW CUTE?!