Monday, August 24, 2009

Beverly Knight's brand-spankin-new track

Beverly Knight has been pretty quiet since her last real single 'After You' failed to even chart. But, undeterred, Miss K is clawing back to the top with a new R&B-poppy jam 'Beautiful Night,' from her forthcoming album '100%.' The track is the kind of thing Whitney wishes was on her new album instead of 11 crack-ballads and a couple drag-queen stomp tracks, but Beverly's always been a classy cut above the rest. The proof is in the pudding, people - check out the vid:

The single is out Sept 7th on her own label, Hurricane Records, with the album currently slated to hit the same day.

Menya madness for a whole week!

Earlier today ScopiSat posted a cover of a Vanessa Carlton song, but what we didn't tell you is that it is just the tip of the iceberg. In a lead-up to Menya's NEW SINGLE on August 31, the band are putting out 3 covers of their most loved or hated songs with some nice little viral videos to boot. The first was the aforementioned 'White Houses' by Ms. Carlton, and if it is any indicator of what is to come, this whole week is going to be very very good, with another to come on Wed. and the last on Friday. To celebrate, let's all watch "White Houses" again. We'll wait.

There we are. It really is quite good, isn't it? Essentially it is the polar opposite of the Heidi Montag debacle. She is the dark, Menya is the light, etc etc.

Check back on Wednesday for the next video! In the meantime, hit up the band's Myspace

Sign of the apocalypse #5: Heidi Montag on Miss Universe

Some thoughts:

1. In retrospect, looking to Britney's shambolic 'Gimme More' performance at the VMA's for inspiration might have been a mistake
2. If you're meant to look like you're singing a song you should probably learn the words before you go on global television
3. The introduction of her as a 'celebrity' is priceless. Not a pop star, not a singer, not an up-and-comer, no. A 'celebrity.'
4. Quite a good song though. She clearly has talent...for picking good producers :(

Pray for humanity.

Menya covers Vanessa Carlton and makes it AMAZING

Here's another great video and song from ScopiSat's favorite indie, Menya. This time around they've covered 'White House' by Vanessa Carlton, and put a...different spin on it. Check out Good Goose front and center! We've always wanted to get inside his's the chance!

And check out the FAME-y original:

Next time ScopiSat wants to see the band doing killer ballet moves like Ms. Carlton, but because we love you we will let it slide.

Nicole Holness is Epic

Nicole Holness is an MTV Canada host that also sings and makes jerky movements that pass for dancing these days. During her career she has interviewed such luminaries as Akon and Lily Allen, worked alongside something called Paul The Intern, and released a quite good pop song. This is that song. It's all a bit Lady Gaga until it becomes totally un-Gaga and gets electro-amazing in a way that songs don't do anymore.

Thanks to Don't Stop the Pop for digging this one up. Out now in the US and UK.