Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Robyn has 'Cardiac Arrest' in new track - listen to her rock out in the premiere now

I'm watching you



This is her brand new, VERY GOOD collaboration with the adorably-named Teddybears (whose 'Cobrastyle' she covered a few years ago), and in it Miss R shows off a rockier, edgier, and more natural sounding "I drink beer but you still want to f*ck me" vocal than we're used to.  Could it be that Robyn's picked up on the growing wave of electro backlash?  It certainly seems like it would be a wise career move.  With all the autotune and synths flying around these days, it seems inevitable that a more organic, live sound will pick up some steam, and while Gaga and Britney may be ruling the charts with overly slick club bangers, their tracks are becoming increasingly divisive among music fans.  In fact, the Gaga and Brit albums might just be the collections that push the movement over the edge, as listeners start to hunger for something different.

The more popular these things get - and the more artists jump on a genre's bandwagon - the more " tHe hAteRz" etc. will gain steam and decide that they love whatever music is exactly the opposite of whatever is popular at the moment.  So essentially right now we're in the 90's Ace of Base stage of the game, and if we're not careful we will ALL HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH GRUNGE AGAIN.  Or, at the very least, we'll chuck Dave Matthews and co back to the top of the charts and have to deal with another Boyz II Men "ooh they can sing without any effects and no music" movement. 

Seriously.  Don't believe us?  Well, even Poppers Princess Kylie Minogue is working an acoustic album for her next release. 


So get out your Kurt Cobain t-shirts, spark up some Reds, stop bathing, and be glad that Robyn won't be left behind when this whole DANCE MUSIC IS AWESOME thing goes south and club acts have to start dueting with the Hootie and the Blowfish reuinion lineup.

But until that happens, let's all enjoy a very good song:

Out now in the US