Sunday, July 3, 2011

We just found our SONG OF THE SUMMER - watch Studio Killers' 'Ode To The Bouncer' now!

Comes with everything you see here.  Just add shirtless boys.
Every year there are many songs that try super duper hard to rise to the top of the rooftop-party heap.  But try as the many might, only one or two tunes can triumph, blasting their fabulousness across the warm and sunny landscape like a speedo-clad glitter cannon.  It's inevitable that some superstars will throw their hat in the ring (Ke$ha, Kylie, Britney, etc.), since having a summer anthem opens the door to a few months of steady sales and appearances on all manner of floats, pier parties and pretty much anywhere else ecstasy can be found, but almost invariably the winner ends up being an absolute surprise to everyone. 

For ScopiSat, this year is no different, as a tune has come out of nowhere, pushed aside K-Mo's 'Put Your Hands Up,' K-Ro's 'What A Feeling,' and even Britney's new jam as the ACTUAL SOUND OF THE SUMMER.  It is by a thing called the Studio Killers and it is AMAZING. 

It's a bittersweet tale - an allegory, if you will - of an average girl who wants nothing more than to get into "the club".  It's got a laid-back vibe that makes it sound effortless, yet has an urgency that will set it apart from the rest of any poolside party playlist. 

Also, the video is RIDICULOUSLY COOL.  It's a bit Gorillaz, but also not at all Gorillaz.  It's raunchy but not disgusting, and if there is anything better in this world than animated boobs bouncing to a eurobreak beat, we've yet to see it.