Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The 'Party In The FIP' boys are back with a new website and a new video, just for your holiday pleasure

Everyone reacts a little differently when they see carbs.

Remember that ACTUALLY BRILLIANT 'Party In The USA' video by the group of rather sexy "confirmed bachelors" that took over the internet a few months back?  Of course you do, you perverts - why else does the internet exist if not for watching grown men writhe around shirtless to the music of underage girls?

And if you're really going to pretend you haven't watched it at least once a week since the summer, here it is again in all its glory:

Well those guys are BACK and BIGGER THAN EVER (not physically, though, as one gentleman illustrates in the video, singing longingly to a tray of baked goods).  They've launched a gosh-darn-super website called Firecrkr (click, and you'll be magically teleported there through the power of Jesus or something), on which the boys post their favorite videos, memes and general whimsy.  Luckily for everyone, they also throw up some original content every so often, like this FESTIVE YULETIDE TREAT.

It's gay boys lip syncing to Mariah while wearing fashionable layers and a variety of hats, gloves and scarves.

In other words it is VERY GOOD.