Monday, September 13, 2010

Some notes about last night's MTV VMA's - discuss

So the MTV Video Music Awards happened last night.  As predicted, Lady Gaga won everything and was pretentious the whole time, and a bunch of people performed for too long and a few performed not long enough.  Some notes:

1.  Rihanna was wearing Madonna's old clothes from the 80's and only had to take them in a couple inches
2.  Kanye West is still a douchebag
3.  Taylor Swift still thinks Kanye West is a douchebag
4.  Linkin Park has no business being on the MTV Awards
5.  On second thought, Linkin Park is actually perfect for the MTV Awards because both are now COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT
6.  Robyn's 40 seconds of screen time was HANDS DOWN better than the entire rest of the show in aggregate
7.  Usher still has a sick body even if his face is busted

The end.