Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Listen to Jason DeRulo's brand new track - 'It Girl'

I seem to have misplaced my shirt.
Jason DeRulo has done some very nice pop songs.  We know this because we named one of his tracks in our top 10 of 2010.  And we obvs have impeccable taste.

His current single didn't really set the charts on fire - 'Don't Wanna Go Home' petered out at #14 in the US - but nevertheless our expectations were pretty high for his new output.  In fact, when 'It Girl' was announced as the follow up single from his sophomore album, we got super excited for a minute and ate some carbs in celebration. (Ed: Don't lie.  No one believes you ate carbs.  Delete.).  Because come on.  "'It Girl.' It's such a great title, with so much potential! Something fierce (fingersnap/hip pop) or sassy (shouts of "werk") could have been on tap.  Or even something with a donk on it.


To be fair, it's not bad.  It just wasn't anything (read: ANYTHING) like we were imagining in our unicorn-glittered minds.  When it starts out it sounds like it's going to be all OVERSUNG R&B SCHLOCKFEST FROM HELL but develops nicely into a decent little jam.  Jason sidesteps the plague of oversung vocal trickery in favor of a straightforward delivery, and turns what could have been an R.Kelly nightmare into a decent little filler track.  DeRizzle certainly has a talent for a hook, and while it's nothing groundbreaking, 'Girl' is executed pretty damn well.  And at the end of the day not everything can be an amazing club banger.  They have to play SOMETHING in doctors office waiting rooms don't they...

It's the kind of song that really won't change anything, and besides serving as the soundtrack for some middle schoolers' first "over the shirt action" in a 2002 Chevy parked outside a Friendly's,  no one is going to remember it.  But still - if we have to listen to one boring ballad this summer, this might just be it.

Maybe just give us a donk next time, eh J?