Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kylie follows her Instinct

Two months ahead of her first U.S. tour, Kylie has given an interview (a 'gay press exclusive,' whatever that means) to Instinct Magazine, and uses the opportunity to make herself over as a day-glo diva. She looks fantastic and sounds like she's genuinely excited to be playing the States: "I’m so excited, it’s ridiculous. There is still a certain amount of disbelief because it’s really happening." Well that makes both of us then, doesn't it. ScopiSat has been lucky enough to catch the pop princess on her last few tours over in England. Even though the U.S. venues are tiny in comparison to the stadiums she usually plays and the downsizing is Kylie's "one stumbling block" with this go-round, the gigs are sure to be spectacular. A (very) few tickets are still available for most of the shows, so ScopiSat hopes to see you all there! Read more of the article here.

iTunes controls 25% of U.S. music sales

Apple now controls a full quarter of all music sales in the U.S., a report has revealed. The iTunes store is the driving force behind a dramatic increase in digital music sales - this year 35% of music sold in the U.S. was digital, up from 20% just 2 years ago. The full article mentions that in the U.K. only 8% of albums are sold in digital form. This is a bit misleading. While CD's might be the preferred format for full albums, single-song digital sales are quite strong. The article also notes a rumored Apple announcement to accompany the digital release of the Beatles' catalog, an event that many analysts predict will be one of the biggest boons yet for digital music sales. Stay tuned!

Warcraft-pop! The Guild want you to date their avatar

The Guild is a comedy web-show about online gaming whose characters have made a song. The video they have made for it is without a doubt the funniest and most accomplished thing you will see about gaming addiction all week. The song is fantastic in that way that it is nothing special musically but contains lyrical gems like 'grab your mouse and stroke the keys; in cyberspace there's no disease.' Amazing.

The video and mp3 are out on iTunes and Amazon US right now.