Tuesday, April 19, 2011

BRAND NEW BEYONCE - listen to 'Girls' and tell us how crap it is

Miss Knowles hears her single for the first time and collapses in shame
It all started as a clear, fine spring day.  The birds were chirping, the air was crisp.  A feeling of hope and renewal abounded throughout the city.

Children, skipping their way to their schoolyards, smiled and laughed, laden only with the concerns of the young and innocent.

And then this happened.

 It is the new record by an artist who usually turns out TOP NOTCH CORKERS OF THE HIGHEST CALIBER.  It is the MUCH-LAUDED lead track from her upcoming, presumably all-conquering LP.  It is the song that has been teased and previewed to within an inch of its life to drum up interest.  And it is kind of crap.

To be fair, this is apparently only a demo, and the final version has been reworked by Diplo - of Britney etc. fame.  So it may turn out to be amazing in its final form.  But RIGHT NOW IT IS NOT AND THE WORLD DESERVES TO KNOW.

"not particularly good."