Saturday, August 28, 2010

Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow have some 'Shame' in their Brokeback Mountain-y new video!

So, if Rihanna can scissor with an underwear model in 'Te Amo,' why can't Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams gay it forward with and explore some sexy man-love in their new clip? 

For their much-hyped reconciliation, Gary has penned a song that is REALLY QUITE GOOD - one that is a bit reminiscent of The Beatles' middle era production heyday, with tight harmonies and a shuffling beat.  Let's be honest though.  No one cares about the song when there's a bromance-without-the-'b' clip to go along with it. 

The two bona fide rock stars share some longing glances, tender touches, and about three full minutes of eye-f*cking, in a video that toes that thin line between "gay" and "3am in a leather dungeon gay."  It's all a bit 'Brokeback Mountain' without the horses or the Oscar nominations, but it suits the song and somehow manages to come off as kind of genuine. 

Out Oct 4 in the UK, and will be available on Robbie's 39-track greatest hits package, 'In and Out of Consciousness,' out Oct 11 in the UK and Oct 12 in the US.