Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Free Ke$ha track ALERT

A few days ago we went on and on about Ke$ha's new track 'Tik Tok' and how it was life changing and blah blah. Now YOU TOO may own this track! All you have to do is go to Ke$ha's website at and enter your details and BAM you can download the song for FREE. Free is a frightening concept for some because generally cost is indicative of worth. However in this instance ScopiSat can assure you that 'free' does not mean 'absolute crap' and in fact this instance of free is a very good thing. Need we remind you that we are in a recession?

In case you forgot what the song sounded like, listen to this while Ke$ha stares through you with her eye.

Update: So Ke$ha...maybe you get a manicure while we're all downloading your song...?

Dangerous Muse is coming

ScopiSat just learned that Dangerous Muse has a new single coming out, and a cursory trolling of the interwebs turned up this innovative (read: bleepy and stuff) preview clip. In it there is sweat and flesh and a very very good song.

For their new album the electro duo have teamed with Bloodshy & Avant (producers for Mantis-arms, Kylie, etc.) and therefore it will be amazing. Perez Hilton has sung their praises (boo) but so has New York Daily News (yay) so they clearly have something up their sleeves, and let's hope the payoff is as good as the anticipation is.

The single and album are out soon on Sire Records

Remember Ruben Studdard?

Me either :(

Peaches doesn't want to lose you

But she does want to invite random strangers to her apartment and perform for them. Apparently she invited fans over in groups of two, and told them nothing except that they would be witnessing a performance art piece by Peaches herself. The first minute is a bit unnerving but then it becomes a brilliant phenomenon unto itself and a window into our modern society.

Out now on XL Recordings.