Saturday, January 2, 2010

The first "next big thing of '10": Mary N'diaye - a little Gaga, a little Rihanna

Most blogs started their "hotly-tipped for '10" lists back in like, 2008, but ScopiSat prefers to bide our time and see who actually makes it down the record label pipe. Turns out, back in 2008 a lot of people were right, and Mary N'diaye is gearing up to be quite huge. Let's look at the evidence:

The Evidence:
1. She is working with Akon
2. She is AMAZING
The end.

Yes, it is looking very good for her isn't it.

Here is "Take Me Home," which is an absolutely brilliant piece of pop.

Mary's cover "Oh, Pretty Woman" is out on iTunes in both the US and in Europe/UK, and is a must-download. No really. Do it now.