Friday, July 2, 2010

Martin Solveig and Dragonette have put out a BRILLIANT video and song - watch 'Hello' now!

Dragonette have long been ScopiSat faves, and DJ Martin Solveig has become somewhat of a pop genius as well.  The two previously teamed up on 'Boys and Girls,' and have joined forces again on the absolutely great new single 'Hello.'  Solveig seems to have a thing for roping random celebs into his videos - 'Boys and Girls' heavily featured Jean Paul Gaultier - and 'Hello' is no different.  Rival DJ Bob Sinclair stars, and the DJ throws in some other random cameos just for good measure.

The song is an electro-stomp of epic proportions, and really drives home the point that Dragonette is one of the most underrated bands on this planet right now.  While they are admittedly critical darlings, they've only managed one top 40 single in their home country of Canada, and their latest album is their most successful, having peaked at......#63.

In any case, the whole affair is a delight to watch and, with Wimbledon fever in effect, the tennis theme is quite timely as well.  If you don't like your videos with lots of talking, fast forward to 3:15, but hey, it's a long weekend.  You've got the time.