Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheryl Cole and tell us '3 Words' in new video- watch now!

'3 Words' is by far the best track on Cheryl Cole's new solo album. The song is simple yet catchy, by-the-numbers but groundbreaking. It's one of those songs that begs for a video, but for which a video can never live up to. In short, it's a pop masterpiece. The video, however, will no doubt be divisive, as it's all Gaga-weird and retro strange. It comes off as some sort of hipster art installation but with a budget and a proper makeup artist, a bit like an art school project that the really rich girl in class gets her father to fund. "Daddy, I simply MUST have" Etc.

Still, it's a lot better than most of the snooze-fests kids are releasing these days. 9/10 for the song and 7/10 for the video averages out to a very passable 8. The single's already at 26 in the UK, and is officially released Dec 21.