Tuesday, September 6, 2011

ScopiSat News Roundup: Gaga, Adele, and Madonna

So we were "on vacation" for the past few days which means we were far too drunk to post anything.  But nevertheless, stuff continued to happen.  THIS IS THAT STUFF:

1.  Adele covered Vogue UK in epic fashion:

    2. Gaga chucked out the first of five (?!) "extra" music videos for 'YoĆ¼ And I,' further underscoring the fact that it is kind of shit and not really "catching on."  All we have to say is at least she's not in man-drag this time.
      Lady Gaga: "Look, I can be ladylike!"  World: "Too late, no one cares."                           

      3.  Madonna's second directorial effort debuted and it is....not good.  Here's her talking about it with the BBC.
        "I can and will have you killed just for looking me in the eye"

        Also some other things happened but no one cared.

        The end.