Friday, March 26, 2010

Listen to 18 Seconds of Christina Aguilera's new single and tell us what you think


Chrissy A., pictured above after filming a low budget Bulgarian porn video, has been attempting to do the whole viral marketing buzz thing and to be honest it's flopped a bit on its ass.  We got a little excited when a countdown appeared on her website, but when it got to zero and all we got was a dodgy picture of X-tina in bondage gear with a photoshopped tail we were less than impressed.  Wisely, Miss Aguilera's people have decided that it might be a good idea to give us a taste of what we actually care (however little) about - her new music - and chucked this 18-second clip of the new single onto the interwebs.  It sounds a bit like a Gaga b-side but because it is EIGHTEEN F*CKING SECONDS LONG we will withhold judgment until we hear the rest. 

"Not Myself Tonight" premieres in full on March 30 and it had better be good. If it's not we won't be mad. We'll just be DISAPPOINTED.

Today we ask ourselves why music isn't as good as it used to be - watch the video showdown now

We were just thinking last night that music before was way better than music now, and for today's post decided to put that theory to the test.  The best way to do this is obvious: arbitrarily pick a shit song from today and a brilliant song from before and post them in some kind of EPIC THROWDOWN FOR THE AGES.   


Case closed.