Friday, December 10, 2010

Something (albeit a very good something) called Japayork has a new video - watch now!

There is a thing called a Japayork and though we initially thought it was some fusion of the infamous literary 'Jabbawocky' and a very posh J-pop band it is not.  It is something almost as brilliant though, as it is the latest band to debut on the DEEPLY EXCITING Popjustice Hi-Fi label.

It also should be noted that Japayork is not actually a "band" as such, but is rather an ACTUAL PERSON by the name of...something irrelevant...and who does some very decent pop tunes in the vein of Frankmusik and MGMT. 

His latest song, 'Teenagers,' is a super "now" track with a video to match, with kids doing all manner of things they are not supposed to but are completely expected as they are KIDS and that's just how they roll.

Unfortunately for U.S. listeners, they will have to acquire a bootleg (Rough Trade stocks the single FYI) or something, since no North American release is currently planned. 

Sad face.