Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who wants to see a clip of the new Kylie video? Watch now!

Finally, after what seems like weeks and months of waiting, we get to see a little preview of what Miss Minogue has in store for her 'All The Lovers' video.  It's sexy, it's steamy, and has lots of flesh to look at.  So, pretty much a win all around...

The track is out for download June 13, with the remix bundle on the 28th digitally and physically

Rihanna's inexplicable 'Rockstar 101' single gets a video - watch the premiere now!

Rihanna's weird trip down the road of 'artistic reinvention' continues, as 'Rockstar 101' becomes her fourth single from Rated R in the States, while international fans get 'Te Amo.'  Are we the only ones who are completely baffled that this track even made it on the album?  Ah well, at least the video is pretty... sort of :(

Hits radio on June 1