Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So the Lady Gaga 'Alejandro' is finally here - watch the premiere now!!

Here is the Lady Gaga video (amazing).  It is 9 minutes long (ridiculous).   It is black and white sort of but at the same time not (amazing). 

ScopiSat has made it no secret this is our favorite track from 'Fame Monster,' with its Ace of Base beat and overdramatic flair.  The video, then, had a lot to live up to.  Never one to disappoint, the Lady has offered up a taut, other-worldly adventure where women lord over buff male models with their eyepieces and have guns strapped to their boobies.  All in all it's very 'Gaga' which is great, but in danger of getting a little old.  Chalk this one up as a big win for pop but with the caveat that it's certainly not going to win Miss Germanotta any new fans.  To be fair, though, is there really anyone left that hasn't made up their mind about the star yet? 

In the interest of full disclosure we should tell you that we weren't really feeling the clip, until exactly 5:37 when something INCREDIBLE happens and the remainder becomes something of a masterpiece. Just when we think the whole 'Gaga world domination' thing has turned a corner she pulls it back from the brink and wins our sad, doubting asses over. 

'Alejandro' is out for download now.