Friday, October 21, 2011

Garbage is BACK, BITCHZZZZZ - listen to their cover of U2's 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses' now

This is why I'm hot.
There are several reasons why Garbage is amazing.  They are, in ascending order:

5: #1 Crush
4: Shirley Manson
3: Version 2.0 generally
2: Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go)
1: Shirley Manson again

We've been holding our breath over the band's INCREDIBLY EXCITING REUNION ever since we heard about it, and now, finally, some new material has surfaced.  Ok, so it's not exactly "new," in that it's actually a cover of an old U2 song, but it's new for them, and it's something we haven't heard before.  And really let's be honest - our personal perception of things is all we care about.

The track is a by-the-numbers cover with a little bit of the old Garbage attitude thrown in for good measure, but it certainly works as a primer for what's to come and is at the very least an exciting sign that somewhere in the world, Shirley Manson is standing in a room being sexy with a microphone.