Friday, August 12, 2011

Nicola Roberts has a 'Lucky Day' all over New York City - watch the premiere now!

"one does like a lovely hat."
We've come to the sad realization that Nicola Roberts will never be the HUGE ALL-CONQUERING POP STAR she deserves to be.  We reached this conclusion after a lot of thought (read: alcohol) one night, just as London was becoming engulfed in anarchy and a few days after we heard 'Lucky Day' for the first time.

It's not that people don't like Nicola.  In fact, it's not that people won't buy her records.  It's just that she's a "grown up" pop star.  She'll no doubt be lauded with praise by "the critics" and such - as she should be - and all the bougie types will say "my, isn't she so much better than Cheryl Cole," but all that praise will probably end in a long string of mid-tier chart hits while some autotuned ringtone avatar rules the pop scene. 

It's the same thing that happened to such brilliant pop divas as Lykke Li and Roisin Murphy.  And while Nicola CLEARLY has the more normal name of the bunch, her music is no more appealing to the kids who are out terrorizing half the UK right now.  And it's those kids who buy things off the iTunes these days.

So - and we're talking directly to Nicola now, because she totally reads this site (citation needed):  When 'Lucky Day' winds up barely scraping the top 20 and you're crying into your Nutella jar, take some consolation in this:  It's not that you suck.  It's just that no hooligan on this earth wants to torch a Nando's at 1am while blaring 'Lucky Day' out of his Droid.