Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The new Little Boots single is here and it is RATHER TREMENDOUS - listen to 'Shake' now!

A bit ago we went on and on about how great Little Boots is and how her new single is literally epic and then we posted a snippet of it that was quite good.

Luckily for us (and, if you think about it, for everyone who loves VERY GOOD MUSIC) our review of that preview clip was 100% accurate.  'Shake Until Your Heart Breaks' - now retitled to the more marketable, but far less amazing 'Shake' - is what we call A LITTLE BIT FURRCE.

Even Ms. Boots seems taken with it - she said of the track, "It was one of those that just came out... Immediately it felt right. It also shed a new light on a lot of the other songs I’d been working on for the album.”

Which, in a vacuum and with no point of reference, means absolutely nothing, and once we hear the rest of the album it will probably still mean nothing whatsoever, as much of what popstars say tends to be complete and utter crap.  But in the interest of JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY we will not let that knowledge deter us from speculating wildly as to what exactly it means for the state of the forthcoming Little Boots LP, so here goes:

Perhaps it means that the rest of the tracks are less abstract and more straightforwardly pop, but when heard through the lens of 'Shake' they take on a more weighty, artistic tone.  Or, maybe it means that 'Shake' is the only good track on the album and its amazingness only throws the utter craptasticity of all the other songs into sharper relief.  Also it could mean that everyone got really stoned while recording 'Shake' and all of a sudden everything else just "made sense" and then some pizza was ordered and everyone took a nap for a bit.

But whichever it is, 'Shake' is very good.